Week 4 of Lockdown – 2nd Sunday of Easter

16 April 2020

  Acts 2:42-47

  Ps 118

  1 Peter 1:3-9

  John 20:19-31




On this Sunday after Easter, make time to read today’s Gospel, JOHN 20:19-31.

Think of the disciples locked in the upper room together. I think of them grieving and fearful.  Perhaps they argued, questioned and doubted. I picture Mary with them, encouraging them to tell their stories and share their memories of Jesus.


The thing is that the Risen Jesus didn’t say “Come on outside and I will give you peace.”

The Risen Jesus is with them all, locked in the upper room.

This is where he is present with all their grief, questions, doubts, fears, dreams and memories.


Strangely, none of the Resurrection accounts speak of “life after death”. Instead, here is the Risen Jesus within the present world. Like the disciples in today’s Gospel, we will meet the Risen Jesus in our present reality.


As you begin your prayer, take time to re-read today’s Gospel, JOHN 20:19-31.

Become aware of your present reality  your experience of lockdown in your bubble.

Perhaps you are going out as an essential worker or being the shopper for your bubble.

What is this like for you?


Become aware of the reality of our world at this time  all its sorrow and suffering, kindness and hope … your family and friends who may live in other places.


Become aware of the place you are living in now.  Who or what things around you bring comfort or peace or stir up hope?

Welcome the Risen Jesus into your reality. Welcome this renewed life of intimacy and companionship.

Let the Risen Jesus be with you as you are today with your feelings, needs and desires.


Listen for what he might invite you to as you try to live this new reality of the Risen Jesus in your everyday life. How might it change the way you understand and live your life?


Like the early disciples, you will live your life in this forever-changed world, meeting the Risen Jesus there within it.


Entrust the Earth and all people to the Risen Jesus.


End by noticing your breathing. Give thanks for the gift of this time of prayer.


— Anne Powell, Cenacle Sisters