Week 1 of Lockdown – Seven Poems for Praying in a Time of Corona Virus Lockdown

29 March 2020

Anne Powell


Going deeper

Go down
to the place in you
where fire and silence dwell ~
the place of power.

Go down
to that pool in you 
of weedless water ~
the place of knowing.

Go down
the moss bright path
to your Grandmother’s house ~
the place of song.

Go  down

to the last strawberry ~
freshness of God.



Visit us

Visit us
in breath of wind
in endurance of cliffs
in glow of kowhai
in silence of stars
in solitude of moon
in eyes of the poor
in embrace of a mother
in pleasure of friends
in faith that does justice.




Hints for middle years

You want to get
to where you’re going
even if you don’t have a map

or a torch
or a long piece of rope
for emergencies
let alone a Band-aid.

The thing is to do the journey.

Enjoy wherever you pass
be it city
or shoreline
or paddock
or people.

And tune your breathing
to the rhythm of soul.




The learning tree

I draw on strength from rising moon
I draw on strength from Mary’s womb.

I draw on strength from tumbling wave.
I draw on strength from One who saves.

I draw on strength from kauri tree.
I draw on strength and learn to be.






Letting go

When it comes to prayer
trying hard is not the answer
Think more of flying
a kite to freedom 
on a clear day
or bathing beneath a waterfall
each sense awake
or letting the heart-gaze rest
on beauty.

Beauty opens to presence.
Hafiz would shout
“enjoy the love-ride, my friend."




Like a koru

I am a listener
the split of silence
at Huka Falls.

I am a singer
music on the wind 
in the tussocks.

I am a woman
the rise of yeast
and the sound of bread growing.

I am a traveller
like a koru
my ear.



Aotearoa Litany

Green of fern  refresh us
Feathers of kereru warm us
Rocks of Moeraki  encircle us
Waters of Taupo bathe us
Dive of gannet focus us
Arc of rainbow protect us
Stars of Southern Cross guide us