Transforming the World

“We work for the transformation of the world by awakening and deepening faith with and for the people of our times”. This is from the International Cenacle Congregational Mission Statement. Transforming the world sounds ambitious doesn’t it? Are we happy with the way things are, is what we see night after night on the news satisfactory or good enough for people?

Nobody would say yes to that. Anything less than transformation would seem to be selling ourselves short.  Mother Therese Couderc was a woman whose mission was played out very much in the world. Her commitment to the importance of prayer and the need for people to be companioned and guided in their prayer life is a foundation role for the sisters of the Cenacle. And the health of spiritual life for people is the butterfly effect in this world.

Our sisters seek the transformation of this world wherever the Holy Spirit guides them and in whatever way their gifts and their hearts lead them. In this section of the website, we are gradually including the ministries that our sisters are involved in alongside their retreat and spiritual guidance work. There are many ways to seek and in fact, demand, the transformation of the world. It can’t happen soon enough.