Spiritual Opportunities

These can take the form of:

  Prayer Days/ Evenings for individuals and groups

  Spiritual Direction


  Group Retreats in Daily Life These Retreats are a way for you to deepen your relationship with God in the context of your daily life.

  Poetry and spirituality workshops

  Spirituality through creative expression


Spiritual Directors available for individual/ group sessions/retreats/ spirituality:


Sr Merle Hiscock RNDM

Sr Mary Jackson Kay rc

Mr Graham Millar     

Sr Clare O'Connor rc       

Mrs. Ronnie Parton

Sr Anne Powell rc

Mrs Merle Whiteman

Fr Alan Roberts      



The role of your prayer guide is to listen to you and encourage you in your discernment. Scripture, poetry, reflective reading, art, nature are used or whatever helps you to meet God in your life.

For information regarding these retreats and programmes please contact the Cenacle Sisters at: 

Email office@cenacle.org.nz      Phone 04 905 7213


A 34 week retreat for everyday life - online with the Jesuits of Crighton University onlineministries.creighton.edu/CollaborativeMinistry/cmo-retreat.html