January 2022 Prayer Page

30 December 2021


Prayer page by Michelle Hogan, Waikanae Cenacle Companion


Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – Saturday January 1, 2022


1 January: Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God - Missio


Mary, Mother of God, you held God’s plans for you with wonder and awe.

May we walk in your example, storing up God’s promises like treasures, 

even though we don’t fully understand the way.


Greet the New Year with Joyce Rupp 


One year I observed what I felt was arising in my spirit as I greeted the Holy One on that first day of the New Year.

I suggest that you also reflect on what is arising within you. Don't think too hard about it. Just let it be a spontaneous naming of your awareness. 


I arise with amazement at the presence of the Holy One.


I arise with gratitude for life. 


I arise with hope that all shall be well. 


I arise with courage to meet what will be difficult. 


I arise with grief still settled in my spirit. 


I arise with happiness, knowing I am invited to live life fully. 


I arise with willingness to help those who will need my care. 


Compassionate Companion and Faithful Friend, thank you for the opportunity to walk into another year of life. Help me to be faithful, to be generous, to be yours.