Finding God in the midst of our daily life

17 January 2018

Time for a Change

We are targets of time
racing through supermarkets
captured by meals in-a-moment

We are targets of time
hurrying on highways
arriving dead on time.

We are targets of time
possessed of longing for solitude
yearning for stillness of air.

© Anne Powell


Finding God in the midst of our daily life! How do we do this?

We often meet people who are searching for meaning in their busy lives. This search takes people to different places… some go to church, others to book clubs, AA meetings, tai chi, to the bush or the beach. Many are looking for a spirituality that helps them make sense of their lives. Are you on this search? Do you sometimes long for solitude or to have someone to talk things over with, to have some space and time to get things in perspective again? Traditionally, many people have a spiritual companion, a spiritual director.

The Cenacle Team offers spiritual direction and retreats to anyone seeking a way to deepen their God-connection and discover opportunities to integrate spirituality and life. Through spiritual direction many discover a new relationship with Jesus who is no longer seen as far away, but as close, caring and challenging. In a world where violence surrounds us our God journey can lead us to be people of justice and peace.

In the Acts of the Apostles we read: "God is not far from any of us, since it is in God that we live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28)

For more information contact:  The Cenacle Team 04 9057213 or email