Prayer Pages – a monthly reflection

6 February 2020

Every month, a member of the Cenacle Family prepares a reflection for everyone to pray to. They are prepared by companions in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

This month, the reflection is prepared by Rizalina T Simpas. Here is her reflection for you all, below (for previous ones, click here):


February Prayer Page by Rizalina T Simpas



“For what fills and satisfies the soul consists, not in knowing much,
but in savoring realities profoundly and interiorly.” (SpEx 2)


In this month of February, this special season of love, we are invited to return to our First Love:

”The spiritual life starts at the place where you can hear God’s
voice. Where somehow you can claim that long before your father,
your mother, your brother, your sister, your school, your church
touched you, loved you, and wounded you—long before that, you
were held safe in an eternal embrace. You were seen with eyes of
perfect love long before you entered into the dark valley of life.
The spiritual life starts at the moment that you can go beyond all
of the wounds and claim that there was a love that was perfect and
unlimited, long before that perfect love became reflected in the
imperfect and limited, conditional love of people.


The spiritual life starts where you dare to claim the first love. “Love one another because I have loved you first”
(John 4:19).” (


Invitation to Prayer

Find your sacred space where you can quiet down, relax and be alone with God.
Beg for the grace to heed the voice of that First Love
as you write your name on the blank below and listen to the tender words of God:



Dear __________________ ,


I created you and formed you.
Fear not for I have redeemed you.
I have called you by name. You are mine.
When you pass through the water,
I will be with you;
In the rivers, you shall not drown.
When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned;
The flames shall not consume you.
I am the Lord, your God, your savior…
You are precious in my eyes and glorious,
and I love you. Fear not, for I am with you. (Isaiah 43: 1-5)

— God


The word of God is a word of love addressed to you in the context of your life. Stay with the word or
phrase that has particularly touched you.

What thought/feeling emerges? Can you allow yourself to receive the grace God offers?
Rooted in God’s love, what happens to your heart and to your desires for your everyday choices
and deeds? Dialogue with the Lord.


“Lord my God, when Your love spilled over into creation
You thought of me.
I am from love, of love, for love.
Let my heart, O God, always recognize, cherish
and enjoy your goodness in all creation.
Direct all that is me toward your praise.
Teach me reverence for every person and for all things.
Energize me in your service.
Lord God, may nothing ever distract me from Your love…
Neither health nor sickness
Wealth nor poverty
Honor nor dishonor
Long life nor short life.
May I never seek nor choose to be other than You intend or wish. Amen.”

—J Bergan and JM Schwan based on Ignacio de Loyola’s Principle & Foundation