Week 2 of Lockdown – 7 more poems in the time of corona virus

2 April 2020

Anne Powell




the blues are small

songs for big sorrows

potato crop blight

meatworks close                       

purse empties

candle ends


lessening of love

petals on table

loss of job

falling of tears

the blues are small

songs for big sorrows.





 Morning star

 let there be light.


Between the leaves

let there be light.


Children’s faces

let there be light.


On the horizon

let there be light.


Arc of rainbow

let there be light.


Candle at window

let there be light.





In moments of loss and pain

sit quietly among green of fern

and remember

all is cyclical.





Time for  a change

We are targets of time

 racing through supermarkets

captured by meals-in-a- moment.             


We are targets of time

hurrying on highways

arriving dead on time.


We are targets of time

possessed of longing for solitude

yearning for stillness of air.




Land pictures

The land is power

pulling our souls

in under hills

deep into caves of no light

and glimmers of light like glow-worms.  


The land is mother    

holding our grief

in tears of rivers

and our cries

in open arms of bays.


The land is grandparent

rocking our childhood

in hollows of hiding

and hillsides for sliding

and plains as open as pikelets.



To hear trees speak




fire birthing God.  





light birthing God.





humans being bare enough to hear trees speak.


Now our love of owning

and of burning trees deafens us

to all but our own voice.






Solemnity of mountain          strengthen us  

Crescent of moon                   shield us.

Wand of star                            guide us.

Fall of leaf                                teach us.

Circle of love                           companion us.

Horizon of hope                     console us.