Inside the questions

10 May 2020



It’s not our nuclear moment

or our Gallipoli.

We stand at our gates and letterboxes under the night black sky.

We listen to the Last Post

of the bare bugle

desolate yet strong in the air

of this so different dawn.

Huddles of neighbours appear fragile in the dark.


old people

and in between.

Here comes the new day

with a blood streaked sky to the east.

The night’s last stars

question us.

What if we are the last generations on the planet?

What if we are the first of the new?

What to remember?

What to forget?

What to cherish?

The dawn is a trembling candle lighting answers

inside the questions.

This dawn breaks us open.

We are being human.



                                                            © Anne Powell

ANZAC Day 25 April 2020