July Prayer Page

6 July 2020



Susan Kelly, Cenacle Companion, has prepared this July’s prayer page and says:


“My inspiration this month comes from nature, as I see my garden take on its winter cloak of damp green and grey.  It quietly soaks up the welcome rains, sheds leaves that have flamed red and gold, and lies in long shadows as the sun slips lower behind the rimu and beech trees on the north side of the garden.


After the unsettling times of the past few months, the familiar rhythms of nature are soothing, familiar.  After the busyness of spring and summer, the autumn and winter changes are welcome, restful, time for taking stock, renewing, refocusing, re-tuning.  In this winter garden I am reminded that Jesus the Gardener may be found walking in the early morning, unexpectedly, bringing life.”


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