Waikanae Cenacle Family

10 June 2017

The Feast of Our Lady of the Cenacle and Pentecost


This June get together was a special month for the Cenacle – we celebrated Pentecost and, of course, the Feast of the Lady of the Cenacle in the week leading up to Pentecost. At this time, both the sisters and the companions renew their vows before each other, it is a very affirming and empowering experience.



Merle and Ngaire led us in prayer – allowing us to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in music. We then selected a card that spoke to each of us from an extensive display and took some time to quieten and reflect and listen with our card. It was a very special time and led beautifully into the renewal of our vows.



It was a very special afternoon for us all and we were very grateful to Ngaire and Merle for their care and imagination in allowing us to celebrate this afternoon so fittingly.


“The more we draw near to God, the more we desire to draw near; the more we are united with God, the more we desire this union, because we understand more and more that God is the centre of our hearts and that God alone can fill them and make them happy,”
Saint Therese Couderc (Cenacle Foundress), Letter to Mother de Larochenégly, 7 August 1867.