Guided Meditation by Ray Norton

Given at the Cenacle Family Weekend, 20–22 October 2017

(with kind permission – Ray Norton, Cenacle Companion, Brisbane)



Take a comfortable position in your chair or on the floor. Be comfortable so you can relax.


Plant your feet flat on the floor and hands on your lap. Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and hold it for a couple of seconds. Let it out.

As you take another breath, feel your chest expand and your stomach go in. Do this a few times being mindful of your body. Feel the energy this breathing gives.


Notice how your feet feel on the floor. The texture of the coverings … become aware of your body and any tension in your arms, legs or back … or your face.

Breathe slowly. Be mindful and let yourself relax. Try to forget any worries running around in your mind.


Try to focus on your breathing and the energy it is giving your body.

Notice your senses ... what can you hear, see, feel, smell and taste right now?


To access your wise mind, stay focussed on your breath for a few moments longer.

Try to simply notice the quality of your mind, your body and your breath.

If your mind wanders, take a deep breath and bring yourself back to what you are doing.


Now bring your awareness to a place. Imagine a trip to the beach, your favourite beach …

It is before dawn and you can just see by the moonlight.

To get to the beach, you need to walk along a sand track. Dunes are on either side of the track. The track is soft and your feet press into the sand. It squeaks as you walk.

How does this feel?


As you walk along the track you can hear the sound of small waves on the beach. Ripples on sand. As you walk past the dunes, the beach opens up to a wide flat area and the sand grows firmer. Your feet are not sinking anymore into the sand and there is no sound from the sand. Feel the difference.


In the dim light, you can see some rocks near the water’s edge.

As you walk towards the rocks, there is one that looks like a seat placed conveniently for sitting.

Sit gently on the rock while your feet are still on the sand. Run your hand gently across the rock. Feel the rough texture of the rock in comparison to the sand under your feet.


While listening, stay still.

Breathe slowly and listen to the sounds. Small waves ripple on the sand. Then a light breeze … feel it on your skin, face and arms …

Now move your feet … how does the sand feel … firm but some loose sand on top …

Breathe in slowly and breathe out while listening to nature …

Listening to God all around …


Now there is more light. All around you is growing brighter and you can see the waves … beams of light radiate from the horizon towards the sky … feel the energy coming from the horizon …


God has given the world light … The world looks different now.

Keep breathing in slowly.

Can you smell the sea air? It is full of energy.

Now comes more beauty as a golden glow appears over the horizon … the sun … it is like a burning fire in the distance … It does not take long before you feel the sun’s warmth on your face.

Breathe slowly and feel the warmth on your body.


Feel the enjoyment of being in such a place. A place of energy from earth, air, sea and sky.

Store this energy within you through your breath.


Now as you breathe slowly, bring yourself back to this room.

Feel your feet on the floor.

Feel yourself seated on the chair or floor.

Bring your mind back to this place and become aware now of other people in the room.