• 3 April 2018

    This piece, printed in Wel-com (April 2018), is by our treasured Cenacle Companion, Sarah Hart, and is reproduced here with her kind permission for us all to enjoy! The subject of loans, more»
  • 31 March 2018

  • Anne Powell rc 14 March 2018

    When I made my retreat last November, a line I carried home within me was from Psalm 45:1: “My heart overflows with a noble theme as I sing my ode to the King.” How amazing to me it was more»
  • 8 March 2018

    The February 2018 Marist Messenger had an article in it by Anne Powell rc on the fight against slavery and human trafficking.Click here to read more»
  • 8 March 2018

    Please note that there will be a Public Meeting on Modern Slavery & Exploitation in Aotearoa NZ with Dr Rebecca Miller and Peter Devoy of Immigration New Zealand at 7 more»
  • 8 March 2018

    Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Palestine, was in town in February and gave a number of talks to various groups whilst here. Sisters Anne Powell and Mary more»
  • 18 January 2018

      Some of our Cenacle sisters and more»
  • 18 January 2018

    New walking meditation prayer – as one season changes to the next. Enjoy, enjoy!I taste my soulin the air of summer.Freedom upon my breathfreedom within my heartfreedom around my shoulders.I more»
  • 17 January 2018

     – Stop Trafficking – anti human trafficking newsletter June 2017 (US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking). – Sr Anne Powell RC  “Consumer Power more»
  • 17 January 2018

    We’re tidying up the Cenacle archives at the moment and coming across all sorts of things. We thought we’d share some of our treasures periodically. For instance, here’s an article more»
  • 17 January 2018

    Time for a ChangeWe are targets of timeracing through supermarketscaptured by meals in-a-momentWe are targets of timehurrying on highwaysarriving dead on time.We are targets of timepossessed of more»
  • 17 January 2018

    Our Cenacle community in Waikanae stands in solidarity with millions of women, men and children who each day suffer as a result of war and violence.  We honour the innocent lives lost, both in more»
  • 9 January 2018

     Take off your shoes! You are on sacred ground. Every couple of years, the Cenacle Sisters, Aotearoa organise a weekend for the whole Cenacle family (sisters and companions) from Aotearoa more»
  • 25 December 2017

    Paskong Pinoy Sa Kapiti Filipino Christmas @ Kapiti – a Christmas dinner fundraiser put on by Barangay Santa Maria Assumpta for the Our Lady of Kapiti Parish Church Building Fund. Here is a more»
  • 25 December 2017

    Trade Kitchen in more»
  • 29 June 2017

      Pope Francis 31 May 2017  General Audience (In anticipation of the celebration of Pentecost)   This “invincible hope” that the Holy Spirit gives us can also be more»
  • 17 June 2017

    By Sr Anne Powell rcRecently (on 31 May 2017), Dr Rebecca Miller, Programme Manager, for People Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons, Immigration New Zealand, met for an evening with the members of more»
  • 10 June 2017

    The Feast of Our Lady of the Cenacle and Pentecost This June get together was a special month for the Cenacle – we celebrated Pentecost and, of course, the Feast of the Lady of the Cenacle more»
  • 18 May 2017

    We had the joy of welcoming Sr Beth Cruz to our community 11-18 May. Beth is the Cenacle General Treasurer living in Rome. She is originally from the Region of Cenacle Asia.Two significant more»
  • 13 May 2017

     Did not our hearts burn within us? We had another great get-together this month with the added bonus of having Sister Beth Cruz with us. Sister Beth is a Cenacle sister who works in Rome more»
  • 15 April 2017

       BETHLEHEM UNIVERSITYﺟﺎﻣﻌــﺔ ﺑﯿـﺖ ﻟﺤــﻢ Office of the Vice Chancellorﻣﻜﺘﺐ more»
  • 26 June 2013

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