Letter from Br Peter Bray - working through the bombings

12 May 2021


Here is a brief letter from our dear friend, Br Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University in Jerusalem. Peter responds to our concerns for the situation in Jerusalem at the moment and for his well-being and that of his colleagues and students in Jerusalem. We keep praying for good leadership there  women and men who desire peace and justice. Peter, as always, is happy for us to share any letters, updates and literature that he sends through. He is very much in our prayers.


From: Peter Bray, FSC [mailto:pbray@bethlehem.edu]
Sent: 11 May 2021 17:36
To: Anne Powell
Subject: Grateful Greetings from Bethlehem


Dear Anne,

 Greetings and thank you for your e-mail and wonderful support. It really does make a difference knowing that we are held in prayer on the other side of the world! Thank you for engaging others in that prayerful support.


We had a one working day week yesterday! The preparation for the Eid El Fitr begins today and the celebrations go through until Saturday, so we lose four days of work this week. It will be a chance for me to catch up on things I have to do, so that is a bit of a blessing, but with all the days we have lost this year, we didn't really need to lose another week!


Things here in Jerusalem have been bad. You have probably heard about the aggressive approach the Israelis have taken to clear Palestinians out of Sheikh Jarrah, a part of East Jerusalem they want to take. They have also bulldozed homes in Silwan, stormed the Al Aqsa mosque with stun grenades and tear gas while Palestinians have been at prayer, protected rioting mobs of settlers who have been attacking Palestinians, etc. It is hard to know where this will lead, but it is of concern to us because about half our students come from East Jerusalem. Fortunately, to date, we have not heard of any who have been injured, but that does not mean there haven't been any. We are rather isolated by the Wall from what is happening in Jerusalem, but with the bombing of Gaza things are escalating and who knows where it might go across all of Palestine! Netanyahu is fighting for his political life and it is hard to know how much of what is happening is instigated by him to enable him to come in with considerable force to quell the riots and show he is in control!!


So please continue to keep us in your prayers as we join with our Muslim colleagues in celebrating the end of Ramadam and the feast of Eid El Fitr.


Best wishes and thanks for your wonderful support. 





 Brother Peter Bray FSC, EdD

Vice Chancellor

Bethlehem University in the Holy Land

Rue des Freres

Bethlehem, Palestine


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